As the Executive Director of the Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund, it is an absolute honor to be associated with an organization that for 35 years has done so much to promote education and improve the economic opportunity in Charlotte.

I am humbled to serve CHASF and continue the work of our founder, John T. Crawford, of removing financial barriers that might prevent students from gaining an education and eventually employment. With the reduction of federal financial assistance and growing tuition rates the need to continue to provide scholarships to our students is more critical than ever. All students should be afforded the opportunity to pursue the American Dream and it is imperative that we remain committed to this goal.

We are proud of the accomplishments we have achieved to date, and we are committed to continue serving students living in public housing facilities in an effort to positively impact their lives. I want to thank the Advisory Board of Directors for all their hard work, dedication, and support. They are truly a group of individuals who are committed to our students and the work that we do. I also wish to thank our donors for your continued support and financial contributions to help turn educational dreams into goals and those goals into reality. We believe great things happen when we work together toward the shared goal of improving the lives of our students and making our community a better place to live.


Aisha Strothers
Executive Director