Inaugural Founders Society Member

John D. Richards

Mr. John D. Richards has served on the Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Advisory Board for over 30 years and was immediately drawn to John Crawford’s passion for the work he was doing with the Scholarship Fund. Some may even say that John Richards was, and is still, CHASF’s biggest advocate!

Aside from his very generous giving throughout the years, as well as ensuring that friends, family and colleagues know all about us, John was also the person to start and drive CHASF’s Annual Founder’s Breakfast almost 20 years ago.

John played a huge part in the growth and evolution of the Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund, and we are forever in deep gratitude for all he has done and given to the Fund.

John T. Crawford started CHASF in 1983 as a dream and his “calling from God”.  After financially helping a young CHA resident to return to college for his senior year and graduate, Mr. Crawford’s desire to help more students took action. He raised $65,000 from friends and community supporters and established CHASF with the Foundation For The Carolinas. Since that time, the Fund has grown and has provided 880 students with scholarships, guidance, and now life navigators.

The John T. Crawford Society recognizes donors who annually support the Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund’s mission to make certain that every child living in our public housing communities has both the opportunity for and expectation of a college education.